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Skull Crusher: Dare You Try The World's Strongest Coffee?

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Skull Crusher: Dare You Try The World's Strongest Coffee?

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Struggle to get going in the morning? Looking for a bit of extra oomph for your gym class or gaming session? Or just a coffee fan in general, looking to try something next level?

Well, Skull Crusher claims to be the ‘world's strongest coffee’ and is daring you to try it and ‘unlock those hours on the clock forbidden to mere mortals.’

Also, you can get a free mug. Lots of free mugs, actually.


Merch aside, Skull Crusher isn’t messing around - packing 350mg of caffeine per cup, that’s THREE TIMES more than your average black coffee.

They’re pretty proud of the taste though, claiming a ‘deliciously full-bodied, smooth-tasting coffee that hits hard’, making it perfect for those early mornings or late nights.

Join the Skull Crusher coffee club / Credit: Skull Crusher
Join the Skull Crusher coffee club / Credit: Skull Crusher

Skull Crusher Coffee's high-quality coffee beans are dark roasted for a smooth, bold flavour in small batches to maximise quality.

The high caffeine content is the result of a premium blend of beans and a specific roasting process chosen to give you the highest caffeine content while producing a full-bodied, smooth-tasting coffee that hits hard.

Each bag is freshly roasted in Skull Crusher’s brand-new roasting facility in Manchester. All their beans are sourced ethically and ecologically sustainable from Rainforest Alliance farmers, plus every order will save five trees with the help of TR[1]BE.


There’s a great range of roasts on offer, suited to plenty of different tastes - one even claims to boost your brain function.

Skull Crusher Coffee - 500g (FREE MUG OFFER)

Skull Crusher claims to be the 'world's strongest coffee'
Skull Crusher claims to be the 'world's strongest coffee'

The OG, and a free mug to boot. Who needs sugary energy drinks?

Barrel Aged Coffee - Whisky Cask - Whole Bean 500g

Skull Crusher combine coffee and whisky
Skull Crusher combine coffee and whisky


This limited edition whisky-cask aged coffee, is expertly crafted to produce the perfect balance of flavour.

High caffeine Skull Crusher Coffee beans are aged for 60 days in freshly emptied whisky casks to infuse the beans with subtle whisky flavours. The beans are hand-rotated daily to ensure all the coffee comes into contact with the oak barrel over the course of several weeks.

After the ageing process the beans are then small-batch roasted to a medium roast for a perfect balance of whisky and coffee flavours.

It has distinct whisky favour notes of vanilla, toffee and fruitiness perfectly balanced with the bold flavour of our coffee. 

Skull Crusher Coffee - Nootropic - 500g

Nootropic is the ultimate brain boosting coffee
Nootropic is the ultimate brain boosting coffee

Billed as 'The Ultimate Brain Boosting Coffee', Nootropic claims to enhance your focus, increase memory function and help ypou think clearer under stress. Skull Crusher blended 10 scientifically-proven cognitive boosting ingredients with its high caffeine coffee. Each of the ingredients chosen play a specific role in boosting mental performance and mood.

It's fair to say that caffeine can affect people in different ways and if you've got any medical conditions, then consult your GP before taking on any additional stimulants. But for coffee fans looking for something a bit more daring, this is your chance to go toe to toe with a bad-ass brew.

There are two ways to brew the perfect cup of Skull Crusher coffee. Ready?

French Press

  • Add 2 heaped table spoons (20g).
  • Add 300ml of boiling water.
  • Leave to brew for 5 minutes.
  • Slowly press the plunger and serve.
  • Never sleep again.

Pour-Over (V60 Dripper)

  • Add 2 heaped table spoons (20g) of ground coffee in a filter.
  • Pour over enough water (about 50ml) to wet your coffee and leave for 20 seconds.
  • Slowly pour over the remaining water in a spiral pattern to cover all the grounds and fill your cup.
  • Never sleep again.  

You can also join the Skull Crusher coffee club and have your choice of coffee delivered on a monthly bases so you never run out again. You also get 10 percent off each recurring order and a free, exclusive designer mug every month.

And everyone knows it's far better to receive a mug than be one.

Featured Image Credit: Skull Crusher


Simon Binns
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