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‘Apex Legends’ Defiance: Tips And Tricks To Succeed In Season 12

Sponsored by Apex Legends
Sponsored by Apex Legends
‘Apex Legends’ Defiance: Tips And Tricks To Succeed In Season 12

Long-term Apex Legends fans and newbies alike, rejoice! The latest season of the online multiplayer behemoth is upon us, just in time to mark the game’s third anniversary – and it delivers all of the fist-punchy, blaster-shooty, face-smashy action we love and desire.

Apex Legends’ 12th season, Defiance, includes a new, limited-time ‘Control’ mode; a new map in the shape of Sabotaged Olympus; and introduces a new Legend, taking the total playable cast to 20. Ostensibly a war criminal but with a back story revealing so much more, Mad Maggie arrives bundled with an explosive arsenal to light up whatever mode of play you take her into.

Apex Legends: Defiance
Apex Legends: Defiance

 Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or relative first grader, the world of Apex Legends can feel intimidating. So as Defiance rolls out, we’ve put together some handy tips and tricks to elevate you from beginner to badass in a few swift moves.

 •          Avoid chases: When it comes to approaching enemy encounters, it’s wise to never over chase an enemy as each situation is ever-changing and dynamic. Don’t get too ahead of yourself, as it could end up being your demise by leaving you open to enemy fire.

 •          Practise makes perfect: To be a true legend amongst the Legends, practise playing public games, arena modes or warm up in the firing range to strengthen your chances of success. 

 •          Experiment: Once you get the hang of all your abilities and core mechanics, you’ll soon find your groove. Building up map knowledge through observation and repetition will aid you significantly in combat. Play around and flex your skills. Treat every map as your personal playground!

Apex Legends: Defiance
Apex Legends: Defiance

 •          Inventory management: Resist the allure of shiny objects, at least in the heat of battle. It may be tempting to allocate some loadout time in-game, but learning the art of quick looting and goods preservation will keep you centred (and your meat suit free of bullets). Also, your team will be happy you didn’t succumb to the riches.

 •          Hot drops: This handy mechanic allows you to drop into certain niche areas across the map. Useful for popping an unsuspecting enemy who could only dream of matching your hot-dropping skills.

 In addition to the Apex Legends’ existing play options, Defiance’s Control mode breaks a few protocols in standard maps. Here are some tips specific to this limited-time map:

Apex Legends: Defiance
Apex Legends: Defiance

•          The old rules? Break them: As a departure from the traditional rules, map knowledge won’t get you far in Control. Map rotation occurs every 30 minutes forcing you to adapt on the fly. Seize the opportunity to experiment and try different strategies. 

•          Utilise airdrops: Obtain powerful weapons that pack a punch and give you the upper hand, but don’t get too trigger happy - they’re designed to run out of ammo if you start spraying them everywhere needlessly. 

•          Communicate: Suffice to say, the art of effective communication in any multiplayer game can prove essential, particularly in a game such as Apex. Be the ultimate squad player by giving your team first dibs on items, enemy locations and rotations. Who knows, they could repay the favour.

 Available for three weeks only, Control introduces some fresh rules on the traditional Apex experience and is sure to further level the playing field between players new and old. Take the chance to flex your skills yourself and harness your true unadulterated legend within. Apex Legends season 12, Defiance, is ready to play now on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

Featured Image Credit: Apex Legends

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