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Obviously, A 'Skyrim' Player Has Already Beaten The Game With The Fishing Rod

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Obviously, A 'Skyrim' Player Has Already Beaten The Game With The Fishing Rod

With the release of The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: The Anniversary Edition came new content. Bethesda made sure that we could have all new experiences like quests, weapons, and armour as well as things like survival mode, which meant your Dragonborn had to keep themselves fed, watered, and warm. And how could I forget perhaps the most important of all additions - fishing. The ability to quietly sit by a lake or babbling brook, and relax. Take in nature and all its beauty - or maybe decide to use that fishing rod to beat up all your enemies. 


That’s right, the fishing rod in Skyrim is considered a weapon in the game, and that means you can technically complete it by using that as your one and only weapon. And because the internet is the internet, it has already been completed by one dedicated player. 

Here are some of our favourite Skyrim wins and fails...



TheFogFrog took to Reddit to show off his accomplishment, announcing that he had indeed completed the main quest of Skyrim with just a couple of fishing rods. If you look at the YouTube video sharing the details of his adventure, you’ll see that he implements a few crucial rules. He can use Lydia, a shield, poisons, and shouts only in the case of story progression - oh and he completed the game on Adept. Otherwise, all damage must be done by the rods. Simple enough eh? 

Fishing rods only do three damage, so you can imagine the lengths at which you have to go to use it as you partake on this adventure. Additionally, the rod’s finishing moves are actually pretty brutal, imagine being stabbed by a pole like that - ouch. Anyway, FogFrog manages to defeat Alduin after all that struggling with the rest of the story. It’s an incredible feat and I’m sure it’ll be a challenge many players undergo now seeing it’s possible.

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