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Absolute Idiot Tries To Get 'God Of War Ragnarök' Release Date By Sending Dev Dick Pic

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Absolute Idiot Tries To Get 'God Of War Ragnarök' Release Date By Sending Dev Dick Pic

Look, we’re all excited for God of War Ragnarök when it (hopefully) releases later this year. The sequel to arguably one of the greatest single-player games in recent memory is being hotly anticipated by pretty much every respectable gamer out. And some morons who decided to send dick pics to a dev in order to get the release date.


The game is yet to have an official release attached to it, though it is still slated for 2022 at the time of writing. We were apparently meant to get an announcement of the big day alongside info on the collectors editions of the game yesterday, but it was canceled at the last minute according to rumours. More’s the shame but, c’mon people, can we not hold ourselves together for five friggin minutes?

Take a gander at the only real look we’ve had at God of War Ragnarök right here.



Over on Twitter, Estelle Tigani who’s the cinematics producer over at Santa Monica Studio who are developing Ragnörak, urged people not to send her pictures of their genitals in order to get the inside lane on when the game is going to be released. Part of me is stunned that they’d need to say this on a public forum, and another part of me is sadly not surprised in the slightest.

“Pro tip,” Estelle wrote. “Sending me dick pics asking for the God of War Ragnarök release date will not, in fact, get me to reveal the release date. To the people who are doing so, when did that ever work for you?!”


Cory Barlog, who’s the producer for God of War Ragnarök, was not at all pleased, and defended his staff in a quote tweet. “Are you fucking kidding me with this now???” he said. “I cannot believe I even have to say this but don’t fucking send dick pics to ANYONE on this team, or anyone in this industry for that matter. They are busting their ass to make some[thing] for you to enjoy. Show some fucking respect.”

For the love of god, people, how many more times do we have to do this?

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Santa Monica Studio

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Mark Foster
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