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New Fallout TV Series Leak Shows Off Power Armour, And People Are Thrilled

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New Fallout TV Series Leak Shows Off Power Armour, And People Are Thrilled

The towering power armour is an icon of the Fallout series. Aside from Vault Boy himself, the power armour helmet is one of the most recognisable things from the franchise. It's no surprise that fans of the series have been dying to know what the bulky gear will look like in the upcoming Amazon TV series. Well, that wait is (sort of) over.


A picture of the armour from the set has been leaked to Imgur by a user called Fruhmann, and, frankly, it looks epic.

Check out the launch trailer for Fallout 4 - the game that the TV show seems to be stylistically following.



The photograph shows two people on the set (their faces painted over), who seem to be constructing the beastly armour. It's split into two - torso and legs - with the legs defiantly facing the camera, the torso facing away in the distance.

The TV series seems to be going for the T-60 model, which is seen in the more recent Fallout 4. While it's certainly possible that other models could also be utilised on screen, the series seems to be opting for the aesthetic of Fallout 4 and MMO Fallout 76 at the moment.


Over on Reddit, user Shacky_Rustleford said "Oh noo it looks so good. I'm nervous now that I actually have expectations" to which socialistRanter replied, "I know, I’m hoping it will be at least entertaining."

This isn't the first picture to be leaked from the set, with an image of a vault and an exterior shot finding their way online just last week. This is the first picture of the iconic power armour, however, which explains why fans are getting so excited. Understandably, the photos have already sent fans of the 2015 installment buzzing, and speculating which of the game's plots the show might possibly cover.

Hopefully we'll see the armour put together soon, standing in all its retro 1950s sci-fi glory. But this picture will tide us over for now.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda, Microsoft

Topics: Fallout, PC, Amazon, Bethesda

Ben Huxley
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