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'Army Of The Dead' Sequel Will Feature A Wild New Addition, Says Zack Snyder

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'Army Of The Dead' Sequel Will Feature A Wild New Addition, Says Zack Snyder

Remember May? Those first few days of glorious sunshine, where we all sort of, kind of, mostly safely came out of lockdown and said: mine’s a pint. And when you couldn’t open the internet without seeing something about Netflix’s big movie of the moment, the Zack Snyder-directed Army of the Dead. We could barely move for stories about the film on this very website - and now we’re back at it again cos ol’ Gimme-A-Snyderverse over there’s gone and opened his laughing gear about its sequel.


The Dave Bautista-starring zombie-heist flick was… I mean, it was alright, wasn’t it? Fun enough for 90 minutes. Shame its run time was over two hours but, never mind. The movie’s prequel, Army of Thieves, is actually on Netflix right now - it snuck out at the end of October, but what with all the hype for Squid Game, you’re forgiven for not noticing. Check out its trailer below. An animated series based on Army of the Dead - subtitled Lost Vegas - is in the works, and a sequel proper, Planet of the Dead, is on the way, too.


And it’s Planet of the Dead that director Snyder’s been chatting about to Variety (via GamesRadar+). Specifically, he’s been speaking about what sets this movie apart from its Vegas-set predecessor. Namely: portals.


Okay, not just portals - but portals are going to play a big part in the dimension-hopping follow-up. The all-action, horror-tinged picture will, says Snyder, feature “ time loops, portals, doorways to other realms”. He stays vague, adding: “Things of that nature are very much in play.”

Army of the Dead, while pretty basic on a story level, did feature its share of WTF moments - and it’s these lil easter eggs, like the robot zombies and the hint of a time loop, that Planet of the Dead will be riffing on, and calling back to. “Are they technology from the other world?” Snyder asked, rhetorically, back in June. Well, you start talking about portals and other realms and sure, two plus two equals five hundred thousand brain-eating nasties ready to chomp through body armour and bone. Or, maybe not? As Snyder adds that it’s the animated series that’ll answer the why behind the zombies’ existence.

Snyder previously spoke to GamesRadar+, saying: “I can't wait to make the sequel to Army of the Dead, so that we can see how all of those things manifest." “Those things” being what eagle-eyed viewers picked up on, on their presumably repeat viewings (the movie rampaged its way to a whopping 72 million streams in just a couple of weeks). Speaking of which, apparently there are aliens in the movie, too, says the internet - so if you don’t mind, I’d best get rewatching myself.


Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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