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'Atomic Heart' Gets Story Trailer And Release Window

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'Atomic Heart' Gets Story Trailer And Release Window

Atomic Heart feels like it’s been knocking around for quite a while. The game first received attention for its style, which many folks found comparable to the Fallout series, in the way that they both revolve around alternate timelines that diverged around the 1940s and 50s, keeping the period’s iconic style and mixing it with futuristic stuff.


A number of trailers for the game have already been released, but now developer Mundfish have dropped a full story trailer alongside a release window for the game. Happy days.

Check out the trailer below.



According to the game’s Wikipedia page, “Atomic Heart takes place in the Soviet Union in an alternate 1955. Advances in robotics in the 1930s enabled the USSR to defeat Nazi Germany in 1941, though with a much more severe loss of life.” This led to labor being performed by robots all linked on an internet style network called Collectiv 1.0. I’m sure that’s not going to go badly at all.

Players will take control of Agent Major P-3 who’s been sent to investigate a manufacturing facility that’s gone quiet. Cue mayhem, presumably. P-3 will have access to a number of sci-fi weapons, as well as a power glove which grants the wielder super-human powers and reminds me of BioShock’s plasmids. Indeed, we said that the game looks like “a slick, Soviet-style BioShock. See, I’m not just making it up.

So when’s it coming out? Well, that’s the good news. Atomic Heart is heading to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC in 2022. So that’s this year. And since we’re already in June and I haven’t seen it on any shelves, we can deduce that the game will be coming out in the next six months. That is, unless the release window changes, in which case we won’t. I hope that’s cleared everything up.

Featured Image Credit: Mundfish

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Mark Foster
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