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'Battlefield 2042' Follow-Up Release Window Is Way Too Soon, Fans Say

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'Battlefield 2042' Follow-Up Release Window Is Way Too Soon, Fans Say

The next Battlefield game may be launching far sooner than expected, and fans are expressing their concern that EA hasn't actually learned its lesson from Battlefield 2042.


DICE's military shooter launched towards the end of last year to overwhelmingly negative reviews and thousands of refund requests from fans who were deeply unhappy with the state of the game. Between the glitches, paltry updates, and rapidly declining player numbers, it's clear that Battlefield 2042 has been a failure.

Take a look at some of the best Battlefield 2042 wins and fails below!



Back in March reliable Battlefield insider Tom Henderson reported for Xfire that a new Battlefield game is in development, and that EA has learned "valuable lessons" from Battlefield 2042's reception.

However, a new report from Henderson for WhatIfGaming suggests that EA is already planning to release the next instalment in 2024. Henderson’s sources said they would be "surprised" if the new Battlefield launched 2023, hinting at a bi-annual release schedule for the franchise.

This news has understandably raised eyebrows. It's clear that Battlefield 2042 didn't get anywhere close to the time in the oven it needed, and there are very few fans feeling confident that EA can deliver a satisfactory follow-up, one that redeems the franchise, in just two years.


"I hate the yearly or even bi-yearly releases. Let these games live out a bit," one user responded on Twitter. "Going forward, fix BF2042. Show the community that you got things wrong and build back that trust. Let the game age out and then drop the new title with a longer dev cycle."

"Whoo. Can't wait for them to learn nothing from 2042, pretend the other games don't exist, and cram in specialists again!" added another.

"Probably should add another year on top of this, ya know, just to be sure it's a functioning product at launch instead of a scam," noted a third.


Henderson responded with some slight surprise, but noted that the wariness is clearly a "testament to how much [EA] fucked up with Battlefield 2042."

It's clear that EA and DICE have a lot of work to do to win fans back. Let's hope they're up to it.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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Ewan Moore
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