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'Battlefield 2042' Was Supposed To Have Earthquakes, Tsunamis And Volcanoes, Says Insider

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'Battlefield 2042' Was Supposed To Have Earthquakes, Tsunamis And Volcanoes, Says Insider

Dear lord, what a sad little life Battlefield 2042. Launching with bugs and glitches galore, a general lack of content, and an already dwindling player-base, it has to be up there with the shakiest game releases of the year. At least it’s been memorable, I suppose?


Well, just to add some salt to the wound, one insider has revealed yet even more content that the game was supposed to have, but was completely omitted from the actual release. Leaker Tom Henderson posted on Twitter, claiming that apparently, the game was supposed to have all sorts of different dynamic effects and weather, including volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. 

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“A summer 2020 presentation of #Battlefield2042 contained earthquakes, fire tornadoes, tsunamis, and volcano eruptions - But due to lack of time, they needed to just focus on the twister. The game needed another year, man” he wrote. “Also, post-launch plans for the title are completely f***ed. So everything I said about all the post-launch plans before the game was released... Just ignore it. These past couple of months have been exhausting... And I'm not even a dev!”

As you’d expect, fans weren’t best pleased to hear the news: “I don't get the [short-sightedness]. Everyone saw the state of the game and they heard the beta backlash. Releasing a game like this could hurt the franchise and developer in the long run, delaying it will just p*ss off some of your fans for a short time.” tweeted @ssjali. “This game should’ve been delayed again for a lot of reasons,” added @ItsCaptainSlush.


It was revealed just a few days ago by another Battlefield 2042 leaker that apparently, the game won’t be getting its first season, or any new content until March 2022, so it’s really not having a great week. 

Reportedly, when the first season does drop, though, it’ll likely launch alongside a new map called ‘Exposure’, which is set to be based around a landslide which has occurred near a Canadian-US research facility base. So that’s something? The general consensus is definitely that this is way too little way too late though, and honestly, yeah. Better luck next game, perhaps, Battlefield fans. 

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