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'Battlefield 2042' Player Count Is So Low That Some People Can't Get Into Games

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'Battlefield 2042' Player Count Is So Low That Some People Can't Get Into Games

Battlefield 2042 is in serious trouble. DICE and EA's futuristic military shooter has been plagued with issues since launch, which in turn has led to refund requests, waves of negative reviews, and massively dwindling player numbers.


The amount of people actually playing Battlefield 2042 appears to have gotten so low, that players in certain regions are struggling to actually get into games. It's so bad, in fact, that one player has essentially become the single host of the entire South African region.


As spotted by GamesRadar, a Reddit user by the name Vandeiedakaf claims that the game's South African playerbase is so small and connections to larger servers are so few and far between, that it's a struggle just to start games. They explain that the "only way" to get a game in the region at the moment is to use local Portal options.


"It's pretty much first-come first-serve. There simply aren't enough players to fill multiple servers so the first person to host a server for the night pretty much has full control over the game for the rest of the players in the region," they write.

While players can set up their own games if they want, the pool of players being so small effectively means whoever sets up a game on Portal first becomes the person others are most likely to join. That person, as a result, ends up in charge for as long as they see fit. To make matters worse, Vandeiedakaf claims that the player who keeps getting in first and starting games is holding the region "hostage", and that they ban people for minor offenses.

"Unfortunately for some, the person that's been hosting the games the last few nights is a bit thin-skinned and started banning people simply for swearing," the explain. "He also banned me for calling him out on his power trips (I did not swear and did not even get a warning)."


"I know there's not much anyone of us can do about this, but maybe, just maybe someone at DICE can see how ridiculous it is that I can't play a game that I paid for just because one other player wills it that way," Vandeiedakaf pleads.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/EA

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Ewan Moore
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