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'Battlefield 2042' Players Are Urging Each Other To Turn Off Crossplay

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'Battlefield 2042' Players Are Urging Each Other To Turn Off Crossplay

Battlefield 2042 is better without friends, it turns out, as players advise 


others to switch off crossplay for a smoother and quicker experience in matches. 

Ahead of its launch, hype for Battlefield 2042 was off the charts. Contrasted against the recent Call of Duty titles that appeared to be running out of steam, the new game would dive into the destructible sci-fi environments of previous popular entries in the series and offered a concentration on multiplayer modes over the single player campaign.

Check out our compilation of wins and fails from Battlefield 2042 below!



Then, opinions of Battlefield 2042 plummeted down, down, down to a 2.3 user score on Metacritic. We weren’t overly warm towards it in our own review, where Imogen praised the sumptuous visuals of the game yet found the experience itself felt a little lacking. Players gathered a list of all the things that were absent from Battlefield 2042, from no vehicle kill assists to missing movement mechanics from Battlefield V. There isn’t even voice chat support at the moment which is a glaring problem in an online shooter in 2021. 

So, players are taking matters into their own hands while DICE works on patches, and one of these fixes is switching off crossplay for Xbox players. As well as ensuring reliable running of the game, players who have pulled up the drawbridge report that matches fill up with 128 players within 60 seconds. Plus, players are snagging kills much more frequently as there are fewer snipers and so striking out into the open isn’t a death sentence. 


Those on the PlayStation 5 have also said that switching off crossplay has helped. If you’re going to give it a go, select “Options,” then “General,” then set “Cross-Play” to “Off.” However, note that crossplay cannot be disabled when you are in a party, while matchmaking is happening, or once you’ve joined a server. Ensure that you are not in a party (even if it’s a party of one) when you try to switch it off.

Featured Image Credit: DICE

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Imogen Donovan
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