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'Battlefield 2042' Players Are Getting Full Refunds Due To State Of Game

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'Battlefield 2042' Players Are Getting Full Refunds Due To State Of Game

I think we can all agree that these first months of Battlefield 2042 have gone far from smoothly. In fact, it’s arguably only gotten worse since its release - with talk of all the features that are straight up missing from the game, and player numbers plummeting en masse (the fact that Battlefield V currently has more players says all you need to know, really). 


Well, it’s somehow managed to reach a whole new low, because now it seems that Steam are offering refunds to players who have had enough. While usually, there are a number of conditions that need to be met to be eligible for a refund on the platform, such as not playing the game for any more than two hours, and requesting the refund within 14 days of purchase, it seems they’ve begun making exceptions.

While you're here, check out some of the funniest Battlefield 2042 wins and fails below.



One Reddit user, u/Roboserg, posted on the r/battlefield2042 subreddit: "Thank you Steam for refunding me this masterpiece of a game with over 2h playtime and more than 14 days since purchase.” In the screenshots attached, showing the user’s interactions with Steam Support, even though the request was originally denied, when the user explained that the bugginess of the game was what led to their playtime going above the two hour mark, their request was accepted.

Other users in the thread have been sharing their experiences across different platforms, which have proven to be pretty varied. “Better than PS support. I called for a refund and had only played about 2 hours across 2 days. They said [be]cause I booted up the app after purchase there was absolutely no way to refund it,” commented Pavlovs_Human. “Xbox won't refund either. I['ve] never asked for a refund on Xbox support so you would think they would refund me, but nope. We all need to set up a dates where nobody who is playing doesn't play in protest,” added captonclutch.


Although the Steam refunds aren’t being widely advertised as a guaranteed offer for players (or rather, victims), it shows that it’s certainly worth a shot even if you’ve surpassed the two hour playtime mark, and want to throw the game as far from your library as possible. Perhaps you could even revisit Battlefield V, along with the rest of the fanbase. Matchmaking will certainly be quicker, anyway. 

Featured Image Credit: EA, DICE

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Catherine Lewis
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