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Bloke Dresses Up As Gandalf, Refuses To Let Traffic Pass

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Bloke Dresses Up As Gandalf, Refuses To Let Traffic Pass

Whether you are into creating costumes and dressing up as your favourite characters personally, or you just watch in awe at others’ handiwork, there’s just something magical about cosplay.


It used to be something of a niche hobby. However, since the rise of social media, people have been sharing their intricate designs and complex craftsmanship, causing cosplay to soar in popularity. It has become so mainstream that even celebrities are getting involved: Jamie Lee Curtis recently revealed that she will be officiating her daughter’s wedding dressed as World Of Warcraft’s Jaina ProudMoore. 

If you want to catch these cosplayers out in the wild, you can see them in the video below… 



There are some costumes which are so detailed, it can be hard to see where the clothing ends and the person begins. Whether that’s the Mandalorian riding atop a blurrg in a shopping mall, or one of the watchers from Horizon Zero Dawn swinging its mechanical tail, I strained to see the human at the core of it all with these cosplayers out in public.

Some of the cosplay is notable for its mechanical mastery, like the fully working Iron Man suit complete with jet-like hands and retractable mask. Then there are other cosplayers who like to find fun in the mundane. Like Gandalf stopping traffic in his usual style, or a Stormtrooper clearing out the snow. It feels strange to see these characters doing regular jobs.

There are others still who want to flex their acting chops. After all, great cosplay isn’t just a costume, it’s also a character. Both accents and mannerisms are nailed with Deadpool freaking out over a brand-new bike, Neo dodging bullets, and a version of Heath Ledger’s Joker just hanging out at the office.


We’re still not sure if the Batman cosplayer really got pulled over for speeding in their Batmobile, but they seem sorry about it either way.

Featured Image Credit: CONTENTbible / New Line Cinema

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Georgina Young
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