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Gamer Suggests 'Modern Warfare 2019' "Feels Intentionally Designed To Never Be Revisited"

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Gamer Suggests 'Modern Warfare 2019' "Feels Intentionally Designed To Never Be Revisited"

The Call of Duty community has come together to lament the state of Modern Warfare, the reboot of the game released in 2019, as it appears Activision is only able to focus on a single game irrespective of the others in the series.


Reddit user INGWR sparked the conversation as they relayed their experience of attempting to install Modern Warfare while their hype for a few matches of Ground War dampened with every update that the game downloaded. "Another 100GB later and you think you’re there… update after restart after update. Did you get all the data packs? Well now there’s compatibility packs. Don’t worry there’s more. Even when you’re sure you got all the Multiplayer specific packs, I bet they’ve got another one waiting for you. Update. Restart. Update," said INGWR. The most unfortunate part about this wearying process is that the majority of this content is used for Warzone rather than Modern Warfare.

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Yes, it is difficult to deny that Warzone is the golden goose of the Call Of Duty series. However, this player wanted to play Modern Warfare and this player should be able to get into the game without a hassle. Others mentioned that the game is buggy and doesn't even start for some players, which stops them from engaging with the community at all. If I wanted to play The Sims 2 and Electronic Arts made me download huge updates for Origin, then I found out these were actually for The Sims 4 and The Sims 2 was a husk of the game I knew it to be, I'd kick off. Not everyone has the opportunity to splash out on a new game every year and clearly there's still a lot of love for Modern Warfare.

"If there was ever a COD that deserved to break the one year support cycle it was MW2019. It should of had at least another year of support and updates," argued zuiquan1. "I feel really bad for Infinity Ward, having their most successful game being treated like this," added another player. Hopefully, given that the post has gained a lot of traction, this enthusiasm for Modern Warfare will have made it back to Activision in some shape or form and the technical issues with the game may be resolved.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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Imogen Donovan
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