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Chinese Military Secrets Leak On A Video Game Forum... Again

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Chinese Military Secrets Leak On A Video Game Forum... Again

Where do you like to leave your secrets? In a diary? Whispered softly into a confidant’s ear? Perhaps on a public video game forum where anybody with a computer can access them? Unless you’ve got more than two brain cells to rub together, there’s a good chance it’s not the latter.


Yes, news has surfaced that somebody has leaked classified Chinese military documents onto a War Thunder forum, revealing details of an anti-tank weapon that weren’t supposed to be in the public sphere.

Check out a live-action trailer for War Thunder right here, fortunately with zero classified leaks. We think.



Details of the DTC10-125 anti-tank round were uploaded to a War Thunder forum by a fan who was apparently trying to make a point and win an argument. The post has since been taken down but is still available to view. According to Polygon, who claim to have seen the post and images within it, it’s quite a comprehensive outline of the weapon.

The weapon is what’s known as a kinetic energy penetrator, and basically punches through the outer armour of a tank and scrambles up the insides so as to knock it out of commission. What with the DTC10-125 being used by the active Chinese military, its design is a closely guarded secret. Or rather it was. While the existence of the round itself was known, this is the first time anybody has been able to get a closer look at it, and the post included detailed pictures as well as annotated diagrams.

Back in July 2021, details of the UK’s Challenger 2 tank were leaked on a War Thunder forum, while in December of the same year, France’s Leclerc tank had a poster uploaded online by somebody who claimed to be a crew member of the updated vehicle. Not exactly a galaxy brain move, if you ask me.


I appreciate the game is called War Thunder, and it’s about engaging in realistic tactical battles using a wide range of modern military weapons so it has to have some degree of authenticity to it, but at some point you have to engage brain and think if what you’re about to say on a forum might jeopardise the national security of a country, and I can’t believe I have to say that.

Featured Image Credit: Gaijin Entertainment, Francisco Gonzalez via Unsplash

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Mark Foster
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