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Ridiculous 'Dark Souls' Mod Adds Halo's Needler And More Guns To Game

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Ridiculous 'Dark Souls' Mod Adds Halo's Needler And More Guns To Game

This extremely cursed mod for Dark Souls adds guns and maps from Halo as well as other popular first-person shooters, wreaking a blight on the Kingdom of Lothric unlike anything in its history. 


InfernoPlus, the horrendously skilled modder who created this Dark Souls: Remastest, seems to have a lot of time on their hands. They could have used it on something pointless, like learning a new language or volunteering at an animal shelter, but what they did instead was add a dizzying number of guns, maps, new spells and items and more to Dark Souls.

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Those among us with the memory of an elephant might recall this is actually the second version of the mod as the original version came out at the start of this year. InfernoPlus’ work was not complete in their eyes as this re-release shows off all of the animations, visual effects and sound effects that they had to develop in order to get the guns acting like… well… guns. 

For example, the Needler isn’t just a model of the Needler shoved into Dark Souls. It actually shoots projectiles that embed into the enemies or environments, detonating after a few seconds. A tonne of coding is needed to accurately copy the weapon and how it behaves in an entirely different game. 


“This man terrifies me,” said one Reddit user. “Everything he does is madness. Him constantly creating nonsense like this at such a rapid pace should be impossible, unless he has secret knowledge of the universe.”

There are thirteen Halo maps in the mod, including Damnation, Blood Gulch, Hang ‘em High, Prisoner, Lockout and more. Plus, the maps are in all of their glory as they were in the original games, with 16 times the details that the previous version of the mod offered. Death Island is also here, but it’s so enormous that InfernoPlus says it’s almost unplayable. Almost

Fellow modder Dropoff’s CrossFire map for Dark Souls is here, but InfernoPlus added a mantling mechanic so players can leap over the railings to get the edge on their opponents. I’ve not even covered the new spells, infusions and weapons that they’ve brought into the game. 


Squirrel Ring lets the player defy gravity and leap to new levels. Soul Vault propels players into the air to get to higher platforms — in other words, “channel your inner Elton John and become a rocket man shooting into the sky.” Special attacks on the Gargoyle’s Halberd, for example, spins the player wildly into the air like a sycamore seed. And the Moonlight Butterfly Horn now emits a giant laser which, when shown off, vaporises Great Grey Wolf Sif in less than five seconds. Very balanced, much wow. 

Right, I could be here all day covering the sheer volume of stuff in this mod and I’ve got people to see and news to write. Take a look for yourself with this link to the Dark Souls: Remastester Release mod or settle down with a cuppa to watch InfernoPlus explain their terrible genius in their own video.

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware, 343 Industries, InfernoPlus via YouTube

Topics: Dark Souls, PC, Halo

Imogen Donovan
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