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David Tennant Crowned UK's Favourite Doctor Who In Massive Study

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David Tennant Crowned UK's Favourite Doctor Who In Massive Study

It may have been over a decade since David Tennant handed over the keys to the TARDIS, but his performance as The Doctor has left a lasting mark on Doctor Who fans around the world.


According to a substantial new study conducted by William Hill, Tennant remains the UK's favourite Time Lord. The bookmaker analyzed tens of thousands of social media posts, web searches, headlines, and the average IMDB ratings for each Doctor's run to put together what it believes to be a fairly definitive ranking of the Doctors by popularity.


Tennant took over from Christopher Eccleston back in 2005, becoming The Tenth Doctor and steering the revived show's popularity to new heights. He regenerated into Matt Smith way back in 2010, he's since reprised the role a few times. Most notably for 2013's 50th anniversary special The Day Of Of The Doctor, but also for a range of excellent audio stories from Big Finish.


Tennant came out on top with an impressive IMDB average of 8.2 for his 51 episodes. Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston was just behind in second place, followed up by Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi. An excellent showing for a criminally underrated Doctor, if you ask me.

The current Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, won fourth place, and Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith came in fifth.

The only caveat to this study is that only the Doctors from the show's post-2005 series were considered. That means the eight Doctors who appeared from 1963 to 1996 didn't get a look in. Maybe don't put too much stock by this study then, eh?


Although having said that, I'm sure Tennant would still win even stacked up against all 13. In a massive Radio Times poll conducted last year, The Tenth Doctor came in first place by a comfortable distance. People just love David Tennant.

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