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'Dying Light 2' Has Officially Gone Gold, Devs Promise To Spend Extra Time Polishing Game

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'Dying Light 2' Has Officially Gone Gold, Devs Promise To Spend Extra Time Polishing Game

Dying Light 2 has now gone gold. The sequel to the 2015 zombie parkour game has entered through the final stages of development, and soon enough will be ready for release. The team at Techland, however, have promised to keep working and polishing the game until it’s absolutely ready - but we’ll have to wait for its 2022 release to see if it’s all worth it. 


A game going gold is an important step. It means everything is in there - you can play the game from start to finish. That doesn’t mean it’s exactly the final product though, it may be horribly buggy, missing textures, and broken in 101 ways still, but it’s completable which is certainly something to celebrate. With older games it might have felt more important because it’s when discs or copies would start being manufactured, but in the age of the Day 1 patch, a lot of work can still be done on the game following it going to print. 

Here is the trailer for Dying Light 2...



The tweet from Techland says: “Dying Light 2 has gone gold! It wouldn’t be possible without your support over all these years - we will spend an additional time making sure that we’ll deliver the best possible experience for you. Thank you for being with us! Can’t wait to meet you in The City on February 4th!”

Earlier this year, however, there were reports of Techland experiencing a hugely toxic workplace culture. An investigation from TheGamer talked to many developers at the studio who even said “the fish rots from the head” about the studio’s leadership. Techland also lost writer Chris Avellone in 2020 after the developer was accused of sexual misconduct. With all this in mind, who knows how Dying Light 2 will look when it launches February 4, 2022. 

Featured Image Credit: Techland

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