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'Dying Light 2' Lets You Kill Fan-Favourite Resident Evil Character, Here's How

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'Dying Light 2' Lets You Kill Fan-Favourite Resident Evil Character, Here's How

So, it’s not news at all that Dying Light 2 is absolutely massive, right? Before its release, we got the bone-chilling news that finishing the game to 100% completion is expected to take around 500 hours - to the terror of games journalists, guide writers, and gamers already drowning in their backlogs.


Perhaps it’s unsurprising then that within those hundreds of hours, you can expect to come across a whole bunch of cool references, including a very explicit one for an entirely different horror franchise. This one in particular is quite obvious, and can be encountered during one of the main story quests, so here’s your spoiler warning - turn back now if you want to experience it for yourself.

Before we go on (and to pad out that spoiler warning for you, you're welcome), be sure to check out the trailer for Dying Light 2 below.



As reported by Looper, during the ‘Broadcast’ mission, in which Aiden has to restore power to a Peacekeeper’s building, he encounters an injured man called Leon. After going on to look for the rest of Leon’s squad, Aiden finds that they’ve already been infected. Upon killing them, you’re able to pick up their dog tags as collectibles, one of which shows the name “Chris Redfield” emblazoned proudly on the front. Congratulations, you just personally killed one of the Resident Evil series’ most beloved characters, you monster. Obviously, this also means that Leon is undoubtably a reference to Leon S. Kennedy, another fan-favourite from the horror series. All in all, it’s a pretty neat package of references that fans are sure to love.

The internet has been uncovering all sorts of other fun Easter eggs in the game since its release last Friday, including one referencing Techland’s other zombie game, Dead Island. This one comes in the form of The Left Finger of gloVa blueprint - a special blueprint which can be used to create an extra special finger gun weapon, serving as a reference not only to the 2011 game, but also Techland’s lead game programmer, Bartosz “Glova” Kulon.


Given the sheer scale of the game, right now it’s physically impossible for anyone to have played every last bit of it, even if they hadn’t slept since its release. So, no doubt we’re going to keep finding out about more neat Easter eggs as time goes on. Also, please remember to sleep. 

Featured Image Credit: Techland, Capcom

Topics: Dying Light 2, Resident Evil, Techland, Capcom

Catherine Lewis
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