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Girlfriend Seeks Advice After 'Elden Ring' Steals Her Boyfriend

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Girlfriend Seeks Advice After 'Elden Ring' Steals Her Boyfriend

A concerned girlfriend has taken to Reddit to express her disappointment that a new video game has stolen away her boyfriend. That game, of course, is Elden Ring.


FromSoftware's latest video game is absolutely massive, and it's entirely possible to lose hours at a time in the blink of an eye. In my 10/10 Elden Ring review, I noted that its huge open world is filled with secrets, bosses, and treasures. It can be a very hard game to put down.

Check out some of the very best Elden Ring wins and below, won't you?



A young woman posting to r/relationship_advice (as spotted by esteemed Souls expert Lance McDonald) complained that her boyfriend spent the vast majority of their first night together in ages playing a new video game he'd just picked up. She later confirmed the game to be Elden Ring after several users asked, although she remains unsure why what game it is matters. Fair enough, really.

"We don't get a lot of chances to be together, and we've recently gone about a month and a half without having sex," she wrote. "We finally got a chance to be together and even had a date yesterday. He picked up a new game while we were out and started playing as soon as we got back to his place. I let him play for about two hours, but I started getting affectionate after a bit, since the date was really nice and I was enjoying being with him at night for the first time in a while."

She continued: "He was really engrossed in the game and didn't ask me what was wrong until around three hours in. When I told him I wanted sex, or at least to give him a blowjob, he just said 'oh', and went back to playing his game. I felt kind of bad for mentioning it and tried to stay and watch him play for a bit longer, but eventually decided to go to sleep. He stayed up playing until at least 2 am, at which point I feel asleep without even cuddling. I'm not sure if he ever came to bed, he usually wakes up before me when we sleep together anyway."


The next day, she tried to tell him that he'd hurt her feelings. His response was to tell her she "shouldn't be upset because it's a new game", which seems like a bit of a red flag to me.

"He's my first boyfriend so I'm not sure if I'm being unreasonable," she finished. "Should I adjust my expectations, or is there a better way to talk to him to get him to see my side?"


The responses are, as you can probably imagine, not hugely helpful. The ones that aren't just talking about Elden Ring mostly don't see much of a problem. While I'll always advocate for marathon gaming sessions, it's also important to remember to make time for the people who actually want to be around you - especially if you've already agreed to spend time with them.

"It’s a real problem if he’s showing he has no empathy for you or consideration of your feelings. Don’t adjust your expectations, if anything you should raise them," advised one user. "I’d be ending the relationship as if he doesn’t see anything wrong with it then he’ll do it again. People only continue to treat you badly if you let them. It’s up to you to set a boundary. Personally I’d pack my stuff up and go home. He doesn’t seem bothered that you’re there."

Another summed it up quite nicely: "He's about to be maidenless."

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco

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