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'Elden Ring' Gets Easy Mode Mod, Gamer Makes Hard Mode Mod In Protest

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'Elden Ring' Gets Easy Mode Mod, Gamer Makes Hard Mode Mod In Protest

It's already three weeks since Elden Ring came out, and players are still finding new and interesting ways to play it.


Whether that is killing every merchant in the game, just to see what happens, or hooking up your game to a hand of bananas to use as a controller, there's a lot that's possible. Yet, while director Hidetaka Miyazaki made the game more approachable to players, giving a greater range of weapons, classes, and paths to choose from, some still find it too difficult and have been asking for an easy mode.

The challenge is very much core to the identity of Soulsborne games however, and we will likely never have an official difficulty setting. As such, modders have been taking it upon themselves to set the difficulty in the game just how they like it.

If you struggle with Elden Ring, here's a good method for farming runes to help you level up.



As spotted by PC Gamer, a number of difficulty mods have been popping up for Elden Ring, with many of the more popular ones making the game easier. Uploaded by odashikonbu, one mod which has been downloaded by over 3000 players halves damage taken, multiplies damage output, and gives you ten times the runes. For those who haven't played yet, runes can be used to level up more easily.

In response another player, Silentverge, has created a mod called 'Prepare To Die (Hard Mode)'. If that title isn't self explanatory enough, the new mode is a touch on the difficult side. On the download page the developer said "I got sick of seeing all of these 'easy mode' mods being pumped out every other day so I made this mod instead."


The mod re-balances damage. Enemies damage output, defense, and resistances now match New Game+, while the HP, magic and stamina remain the same. The enemies also have advanced AI. They can now see and hear you from further away and are automatically alerted when you are behind them. When they are alerted they will also search longer and harder for you. The creator states that utilizing the game's stealth mechanics are now vital to survival.

Fast travel is also nerfed and now only applies to churches and cathedrals. The one saving grace is a larger field of view so you can see the enemies coming sooner before they completely tear you asunder. 

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware / Bandai Namco

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Georgina Young
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