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'Elden Ring' Player Beats Game Without Ever Levelling Up

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'Elden Ring' Player Beats Game Without Ever Levelling Up

Elden Ring players, you never fail to disappoint. At this stage, my ability to be shocked at the various feats achieved within the game has been lost. Someone defeated all 165 bosses in under 10 hours? That sounds about right. Someone else completed a speedrun in under seven minutes you say? Sure, of course they did. Another player completed a pacifist run? Hey it’s Elden Ring, we get it.


Well I’m here today to present yet another wild achievement to you. Have you ever opened up a game (especially one as hard as Elden Ring) and thought, you know what? I’m not going to level up at any point. I’m going to stay at level one throughout the entire game No? Shock. Me neither, and I’m glad to be in the company of sound like-minded souls, but that’s exactly what one player decided to do.

If you're looking for further wild achievements, take a look at this Elden Ring player who managed to takedown the game's bosses using bubbles.



Twitch streamer MOONMOON, real name Jesse, recently completed a full playthrough without levelling up at all. The level one run resulted in (prepare yourselves) 2037 deaths but against the odds, MOONMOON completed what he set out to do across several lengthy streams.

Commenting on the run, MOONMOON saluted the game and declared, “Well, there it is. The god gamer does it yet again,” before descending into silence. Whether this is a stunned silence or the silence of pure exhaustion is up to interpretation.


It took MOONMOON only around 20 minutes to defeat the Elden Beast which I would class as an achievement on any level, but particularly level one. It's not the first time someone has attempted this feat. In fact, there's a competitive level one speedrun category but surely completing a run of this kind in any space of time is impressive enough. Personally, it’s not a feat that I'll be attempting myself but I’m sure someone will have completed something equally ridiculous in a few days time because, you know… Elden Ring.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures, Bandai Namco

Topics: Elden Ring, Bandai Namco, Fromsoftware, Twitch

Kate Harrold
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