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'Elden Ring' Streamer's No-Hit Run Comes To Devastating End At Final Boss

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'Elden Ring' Streamer's No-Hit Run Comes To Devastating End At Final Boss

Elden Ring has been out for a few months now, which means that more and more players are finally beating the game's final boss and experiencing the confusing mix of joy and sorrow that comes with finishing a FromSoftware game.


Newcomers to this kind of game will no doubt roll credits, pat themselves on the back, and move onto something new. Then you have the hardcore FromSoftware stans, who have spent the last few weeks working together to beat Elden Ring in increasingly ridiculous ways. No damage. No upgrades. On a dance mat. If you can imagine it, it's probably been done.

Take a look at some of the best Elden Ring wins and fails below!



Beating Elden Ring without taking a single hit is perhaps one of the hardest challenges players can take on, if only because any damage taken means that the player attempting the run will have to start completely from scratch. In other words, the further into the game you get, the tenser things become as you desperately try to avoid going all the way back to square one.

Twitch streamer The Happy Hob is already a legend among FromSoftware fans, and is well-known for his incredible no-hit playthroughs of games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Unfortunately, one of his attempts to beat Elden Ring in the same way fell apart at the game's very last boss in the most heartbreaking manner possible.


Hob had been smashing through Elden Ring, and managed to get to the game's final boss, the dreaded Elden Beast, without taking a single hit. He also managed to tear through most of the Elden Beast's health with little trouble, and looked all set to finish the challenge.

Alas, seconds before Hob landed the final blow, the Elden Beast was just able to fire off one last projectile. Two two died at the exact same time, technically voiding Hob's attempt.

As many players who have beaten Elden Ring can attest, the Elden Beast's star attack is particularly awful and nigh-on impossible to avoid.


“That star attack is such bullsh*t, you cant evade it without taking damage unless you use bloodhound step, and even then I’m not sure you can dodge it without any damage," one commenter wrote.

There's no doubt in my mind that Hob will complete a no-damage run of Elden Ring before long. But this loss is bound to stick with him for a while.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment / The Happy Hob via Twitch

Topics: Elden Ring, Fromsoftware, Bandai Namco

Ewan Moore
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