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Unsettling Evidence Shows Bungie Harassed With “Racist And Serious Physical Threats”

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Unsettling Evidence Shows Bungie Harassed With “Racist And Serious Physical Threats”

Content warning: The following article discusses topics which some readers may find upsetting - discretion is advised.


Last month, it was revealed that Bungie had filed a lawsuit against one Destiny 2 player, not only for cheating and evading bans, but also for making threats against the company and its employees. 

Now, as reported by the Waterloo Region Record, new court rulings have revealed details about “racist and serious physical threats” that a number of employees were subject to by different anonymous people, after Bungie tweeted out an advertisement for Destiny 2 with videos featuring African-American Twitch streamer, UhMaayyze

Allegedly, on 14 June, one person sent tweets to Bungie accounts threatening to kill employees, and not long after, several employees were sent voicemails and texts to personal and not publicly available phone numbers, which repeatedly used racial slurs. 


“That night a person who called himself ‘Brian’ left a voice mail on the personal telephone line of the employee who posted the ads. Brian referred to the employee by name and requested that Destiny 2 provide a scene or a downloadable piece of the game (DLC) for ‘N-word killing,’” Superior Court Justice Fred Myers said. “A few minutes later he called back and identified himself as a member of a far-right-wing social network known to publish material that is censored from mainstream social media. He repeated the request for an ‘N-word killing’ DLC to be added to Destiny 2.”

This same employee’s spouse, who also works at the company, was texted asking for the same DLC. One then got a voice mail, which said: “Enjoy your pizza.”

“Around the same time, a person using the same telephone number as the anonymous caller ordered a pizza to the employees’ home address,” said Myers. “Not surprisingly, the use of the employees’ home address frightened them. They called the local police and made a report.”


Reportedly, in June, a judge ordered the Canadian phone provider, TextNow, to release the names of the customers who made the threats. Apparently, the Bungie employees don’t have plans to sue.

Featured Image Credit: Bungie, EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA via Pexels

Topics: Bungie, Real Life

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