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'Final Fantasy 9' Remake Looks More Likely Than Ever

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'Final Fantasy 9' Remake Looks More Likely Than Ever

If you’ve been keeping up with gaming news in the past few months (which I’m going to guess you have been, since you’re here right now), chances are that you’ve heard of the Nvidia/GeForce Now/very big games leak that happened in September last year. A whole list of games were revealed to supposedly be in the works, thanks to someone accessing the database for Nvidia’s streaming service.


Now, usually, leaks have to be taken with an absolutely ginormous pinch of salt, but Nvidia confirmed that the list of games was real, though the titles were “speculative”, and supposedly only used for internal testing. Fair enough. However, in the months since the leak, more and more games which were originally named on it have been officially announced, making the remainder of the list seem basically all but confirmed. Excitingly for Final Fantasy fans, that includes a remake of FF9.

In case you missed it, be sure to take a look at the newly-announced Kingdom Hearts 4 right here.



With the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4 yesterday (yes, really - check out the full story here), as noted by VGC, “Final Fantasy 9 Remake” is the final Square Enix game from the leak that hasn’t already been confirmed or trademarked - the previous “definitely-real” titles include Final Fantasy 7 Remake (for PC), and the remaster of Chrono Cross

Final Fantasy 9 first came out back in 2000, so it’s fair to say that after over two decades, it’d be deserving of the remake treatment. Whether it’d be rebuilt from the ground up in a similar fashion to the FF7 remake is yet to be seen, of course - they might opt for something else entirely, like the Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake. Side-note, but we can all agree that HD-2D is a thing that absolutely needs to keep happening, right? Right. 

Despite what I said at the start about this pretty much being confirmed, obviously, we still have to remind ourselves that it’s not actually official yet, so don’t get too excited. Assuming it is real, though, July would be a good time to announce it, as that would line up with the original Japanese release date. Or not, given that the 22nd anniversary of a game is a slightly random date to celebrate. I don’t know, I don’t make the rules. Certainly keep an eye out for it, anyway.

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix

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Catherine Lewis
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