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Fuel Prices In Dystopian Sci-Fi Game 'Cyberpunk 2077' Are Cheaper Than The US Right Now

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Fuel Prices In Dystopian Sci-Fi Game 'Cyberpunk 2077' Are Cheaper Than The US Right Now

Cyberpunk 2077 was met with a ton of criticism upon release but thanks to a major new-gen patch, the game is finally living up to its potential and fans are having a lot of fun. Heck, even the developers are turning glitches from days-gone-by into fun jokes.


This is my favourite kind of story to hear. We all love a successful turnaround, and it makes a nice change from hearing that Battlefield 2042 has dug itself another hole to dive into. If there’s one thing more unexpected than Cyberpunk 2077 becoming a beloved game though, it’s the fact that one aspect of the game’s dystopian Night City is looking more desirable than our own world. Let me reveal all.

Netflix have released a new teaser trailer for upcoming anime Cyberpunk Edgerunners. Take a look below.



Cyberpunk 2077’s fuel prices are actually cheaper than they are in the US right now. Seriously, I wish this was a joke. It’s no secret that we’re in the middle of a global cost of living crisis. Regardless of where you are in the world, prices in all areas of our lives seem to be on the rise including fuel prices.

As pointed out by GamesRadar, the American Automobile Association claims that the average gas price in America is currently $5.014, whilst diesel averages at $5.771. Well Reddit user EdgerunnerSebastian took to the r/cyberpunkgame subreddit to show just how much cheaper Night City’s gas equivalent CHOOH2 is.


EdgerunnerSebastian’s screenshot demonstrated that Night City inhabitants can purchase a gallon of CHOOH2 for $4.80. Even the game’s highest grade of ‘plus’ fuel comes in at $5.32. It’s sort of worrying that a dystopian city - you know, the kind characterised by suffering - is looking more favourable than our own world.

It’s not quite the sweet deal it may seem. CHOOH2 isn’t the cleanest of fuels by which I mean it’s actually deadly and can cause both disorientation and blindness. Hey, I guess no world is truly perfect.

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt

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Kate Harrold
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