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Gabe Newell Has Apparently Been Spotted Personally Delivering And Signing Steam Decks

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Gabe Newell Has Apparently Been Spotted Personally Delivering And Signing Steam Decks

Valve's own portable powerhouse, the Steam Deck, has been available to purchase for only a few days. As such, many people are looking at their emails eagerly awaiting the day they can make their payments. However, some users on reddit have been claiming that they received their consoles early, free of charge, with the best specs, and hand delivered by Gabe Newell, the president of Valve himself.


It started two days ago when user u/SeattleRainPidgeons posted their story in the r/Steam subreddit. "After delivering my neighbor's Deck, we yelled 'Hi Gabe!'. At which point he asked how many were living in the house, then he went back to his van and grabbed us each a Deck. Was also filmed receiving ours so I assume these will be used in some promo or online. Very cool day." The user and their housemates had apparently not ordered their own Steam Decks, and these were free of charge.

If you want to know more about the portable PC you can check out our video about it below.



The next day u/Bitfiddler01, who also confirms they live around the Seattle area, posted their own story this time on the r/SteamDeck sub. Only this time they had ordered their own system. They claim Newell was a down to earth guy even though the user wasn't home, and their wife had no idea who GabeN is.

"Got a spammy looking email yesterday saying that a shipment of Steam Deck arrived a few days early and mine can be delivered tomorrow if someone is home to sign for it. I was honestly skeptical and didn't want to get my hopes up too much."

"I told my wife to watch for deliveries while I went on a full day ski trip with friends." The 'delivery guy' comes and wife opens the door. - Little did she know that the "delivery guy" was Gabe Newell. - They never made us pay! It's free and has the highest specs, super cool."


They did get a picture from their security camera though which shows Newell approaching the house. The final person to share their story was u/wallstchowder, who had a similar story to SeattleRainPidgeon. The main difference though was that they hadn't even heard of the Steam Deck. Replying to the above story they said.

"When he was leaving our neighbours house, we said hi to him. He then comes up to our driveway with three signed consoles for my roommates and I. We chatted for a few minutes and he was super down to earth. Had to sign waivers cause of the film crew. I hadn't even heard of this console until yesterday and the whole experience just made my week."

It's alright for some isn't it.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit / Valve

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Georgina Young
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