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Gamer Finds Blatantly Fake PlayStation 5 Online: The "GS5"

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Gamer Finds Blatantly Fake PlayStation 5 Online: The "GS5"

The PlayStation 5 has been out for close to one whole year, but it’s still not very easy to get hold of one. Supply issues, scalpers, and an ongoing pandemic have all played their part in ensuring Sony’s new-gen console remains as rare as a chicken with teeth. 


But the market abhors a vacuum, and certain opportunistic individuals have attempted to cash in on the pre-Christmas confusion of parents everywhere by creating a console that would look, to an untrained eye, exactly like the PlayStation 5 little Bart has been asking Santa to bring. 


As spotted by TheVideoGaymer over on Reddit, a console called the “GS5” is currently doing the rounds on Facebook Marketplace. As you can see below, it is… not an official Sony product, and has absolutely nothing to do with the PlayStation 5. It is just $40 though, which seems like a decent price. 


Digging a little deeper, it looks as if the GS5 is a very real console. Although to be clear I do not mean to lend it any authenticity by describing it as “real”. When I say real, I mean it is a very real scam of a product. 


There are a handful of unboxings on YouTube from gamers who were curious enough to see what exactly the GS5 can do. Not much, it turns out. It’s far smaller than the PS5 for one thing, which means it can’t really compete in the power department. 

It does come pre-loaded with some classic games, though. Who needs Demon’s Souls and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart when you can play Super Mario Bros. and Pac-Man? Seems like a pretty sweet deal to me. Definitely super illegal to sell ROMS though, meaning the GS5 will have managed to piss off both Sony and Nintendo. Impressive two-for-one there. 

Anyway, if you’re reading this and know of any older and less informed relatives intending to go on the hunt for a PS5 this Christmas? Just let them know there are plenty of scams out there, and to stay frosty. 

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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Ewan Moore
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