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Gamer Fired After Accidentally Adding Boss On Xbox While Working From Home

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Gamer Fired After Accidentally Adding Boss On Xbox While Working From Home

There are plenty of great benefits to working from home. Personally? I love the 60-second commute to my desk but as great as working from home may be, there are undeniably some major pitfalls for those who are easily drawn in by forbidden temptations.


The strong-willed of us ignore our consoles until the working day is over, but our fallen friends? They’re lured in by the temptation of one more mission or one more round. It’s something that one Xbox player has recently discovered the consequences of.

Take a look at this Xbox gamer who made an incredible carbon fibre Xbox controller from scratch.



Xbox gamer Brandon recently took to the TikTok account PlacementCo to share his cautionary tale. According to Brandon, he recently got fired from his job for accepting his boss as a friend on Xbox whilst working from home.

He said, “So I got fired from my job today. Don’t add random people on Xbox because apparently bosses do that now and I work from home. I play Xbox, you know what I mean.” In the background, an email could be seen which was allegedly sent by Brandon’s employer. It stated, “Upon advice of counsel, you are hereby terminated from [redacted] for cause.” The email doesn’t appear to refer to the Xbox altercation as a reason for dismissal.


Brandon’s tale certainly contains an important lesson but it does seem to be just that, a fictional tale. TikTok users were quick to note that PlacementCo is in fact a career coaching company. In an email to The Daily Dot, PlacementCo said their account contains, “fictional stories based on real-life scenarios our clients have experienced,” but noted that Brandon’s video “should be taken more as a parable and less as an auto-biographical account.”

So, there’s more to Brandon’s story than meets the eye but you’ve been warned regardless. Don’t get fired folks.

Featured Image Credit: Anthony via Pexels, PlacementCo via TikTok

Topics: Xbox, TikTok

Kate Harrold
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