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Gamer Gets Roasted By Mum Mid-Stream For Gaming Till 5am

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Gamer Gets Roasted By Mum Mid-Stream For Gaming Till 5am

If you are reading this article the chances are that at some point, a parent has gone wild on you for staying up way too late, talking to friends and playing video games.


Fortunately, for many of us we were able to have these heated discussions in the privacy of our own homes. However, as we enter the age of people getting most of their social interaction online, it's becoming ever more likely that our dirty laundry will be aired in public. That is what happened to one unlucky Twitch viewer when they were invited onto the stream to tell a joke and make the streamer laugh. While the joke failed to land, ‘Louie’ did get streamer, sennyk4, in stitches after his mum came into the call to question his online viewing habits.

If you want to see more livestream wins and fails like this one, check out the video below.



As spotted by Dexerto, you can see sennyk4 cracking up after Louie’s mum enters the call. Sennyk4 invited viewers to speak to him via Discord live on stream. If the person could make him laugh, he would gift them a sub to his channel. A simple enough game, for your average Twitch hang out session.

“Jesus Christ Louie, they don’t even know who you are, those people on the computer,” starts Louie’s mum on her tirade against her son’s internet usage, she continued “you were on the computer yesterday til like five o’clock in the morning, I’m f**king fed up already.” Not long after this Louie ends the call, leaving sennyk4 in hysterics.


Sennyk4 admits that he doesn’t know if the whole thing was staged or not, but thought that if Louie had called in his mum just to mock him on stream then that was still a pretty funny bit. True to his word, sennyk4 gifted Louie his free sub. The sub really should have gone to Louie’s mum but with her opinions on the “people on the computer” it seems unlikely she has a Twitch account. 

Featured Image Credit: sennyk4 / Twitch

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Georgina Young
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