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$100k Of Gaming History Saved From Destruction By YouTube Couple


$100k Of Gaming History Saved From Destruction By YouTube Couple

Abandoned homes are often the settings for horror films, right? They're creepy, and you can't help but wonder what might have happened to its owners or why they left, especially when the place is still filled to the brim with possessions. But sometimes if you look hard enough, there may be treasure to be found.


That's what happened with one YouTuber couple that specialises in flipping unwanted and vintage merchandise. As reported by Kotaku, Aimee and Korbin hunt down rare finds by sifting through piles of junk on their YouTube channel, Cheap Finds Gold Mines. They go to yard sales and charity shops, and this time they visited an abandoned building to find the good stuff. And that good stuff turned out to be quite the gem.

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An old house that was in a severely dilapidated state was hiding a bunch of video games under its rubble, dust, and venomous spiders. Though the house and the environment were dangerous, there were factory sealed editions of rare games, consoles, and more nestled in the dirt.

When talking to Kotaku, Korbin says that even though the house was a mess, "once we got there and we saw the quality of stuff, I was not gonna go home and change". The couple managed to snag a lot of the merchandise that previously belonged to a woman's uncle who moved out in 2019. In total, the haul added up to about $100,000 of games and hardware. Aimee and Korbin managed to take home about $20,000 after splitting the money with other resellers - which is a nice tidy sum, wouldn't you say?


It should be noted, however, that opinion on the video itself is pretty split. The couple made a lot from this find, as you already know - but they undercut the guy selling who didn't know its worth. The owner of the uncovered gaming haul asked for $750, but the couple pushed for $450. That's not illegal by any means, but a lot of people in the comments of the video seem upset that when their profit margin was already going to be massive that they didn't just pay the extra 300 bucks. Whatever your thoughts on how the pair valued the find, there's no doubt it's pretty amazing - so do watch the video above, and prepare to be a little wowed.

Featured Image Credit: Daria Sannikova (via Pexels) / Cheap Finds Gold Mines

Topics: Retro Gaming, YouTube

Imogen Mellor
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