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65-Year-Old 'Red Dead Redemption 2' Player Has Beaten Game More Than 30 Times

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65-Year-Old 'Red Dead Redemption 2' Player Has Beaten Game More Than 30 Times

It is generally appreciated that Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time, and one 65-year-old gamer can't quit the rootin', tootin', and shooting simulator.


On Reddit, user ApeWatcher shared the story of their father's favourite game, plus a photo of him slouched in an extremely comfy-looking chair. "He plays Red dead 2 story mode for hours every day," says ApeWatcher. "He finished the story 30+ times at this point." Sensing a prospective love for video games and their interactive possibilities, they introduced their dad to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. As another expansive, beautiful, and dynamic open world, stuffed with quests and emergent events, and possessing an action-packed and emotive story about fatherhood, it should have been a surefire winner.


"I've tried getting him into other games but he only wants to play Red Dead 2," they continued, and described how upon their dad's arrival to White Orchard, he asked, "Where are the cowboys?" A very good question, and one that he didn't like the answer to, which is understandable. Still, it's an exceptional achievement to have completed Red Dead Redemption 2 more than thirty times. That's got to be countless hours gone into Arthur Morgan's odyssey across the Wild West, so surely he's got the platinum trophy, right?

Wrong. ApeWatcher's dad isn't a fan of Red Dead Online, and as a result, he's very content to trot through the single-player component of the game. That's the main draw of Red Dead Redemption 2, though the multiplayer has been supported with a number of new roles, community events, and spooky seasonal content. Moreover, other older gamers have seen themselves reflected in the story.

"58 year old grandma here. I'm still playing as well!" said hmlinca on Reddit. "I played 1 when it came out but only finished the story once. It wrecked me." ApeWatcher is interested in getting their dad into the prequel, if Rockstar Games would remaster the original Red Dead Redemption. Because he owns a PlayStation 4, he needs a PlayStation Now subscription to access Red Dead Redemption through the service. That might not be an option for their dad, and a current-gen or even next-gen remaster of Red Dead Redemption would be welcomed by many, many players.

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Featured Image Credit: ApeWatcher on Reddit, Rockstar Games

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