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A 'Knights Of The Old Republic' Series Is In Development, With Lucasfilm's Blessing

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A 'Knights Of The Old Republic' Series Is In Development, With Lucasfilm's Blessing

A team of incredibly talented fans are remaking Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic as an animated series using Unreal Engine 5, and it's looking good.


As we reported last month, Unreal Cinema has been hard at work on its latest project, which serves as a retelling of BioWare's classic 2003 RPG. The series is in very, very early stages of development right now, but the team has released a pair of videos that really show off the power of the engine and its potential to make Knights Of The Old Republic look better than ever.

Take a look at some of the best and most beautiful Star Wars ships living their best lives thanks to this Flight Simulator mod:



I probably don't need to tell you that it can be hard to get too excited for projects like this. Fan remakes can often get shut down before they ever see the light of day, and we certainly wondered if this one would be any different. As it turns out, it just might be. Unreal Cinema claims it reached out to Lucasfilm for permission and has received the studio's blessing to proceed!

Naturally, this blessing comes with certain rules that Unreal Cinema must abide by. The team can't use any footage from the movies, nor can they make money from their series in any way or publicly crowdfund the project. There is a Patreon if you feel like helping these guys out as they smash through this ambitious project, but we should stress this is for Unreal Cinema as a team and not just for Knights Of The Old Republic.

I guess now the real question is this: which will come out first? Unreal Cinema's KOTOR series, or the long-rumoured remake of the actual game? Let's wait and see.

Featured Image Credit: Unreal Cinema/Disney

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