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'Age Of Mythology' Will Return, Says Age Of Empires Developer


'Age Of Mythology' Will Return, Says Age Of Empires Developer

Spare a thought for Age of Mythology. The fantastical cousin of Age Of Empires has never really been shown as much love as the series it spawned from, but it's still one heck of a game.


Released way back in 2002, Age Of Mythology shares the same basic DNA as the rest of the Empires game. The twist, as I'm sure you've probably already worked out, is that it takes its inspirations from the likes of Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythology, rather than actual historical events. It was a huge success back in the day, shifting over 1 million copies after just four months.


It's a little surprising, then, that we haven't seen much of Age Of Mythology over the last decade or so. Aside from an expansion in 2016, the series seems to have been left on the shelf while Microsoft continues to focus on Age Of Empires. The good news, is that Age Of Empires will almost definitely return one day, according to the man with the power to make it so.


"I've said this before, and I'll say it again: I have not forgotten about Age of Mythology," said franchise creative director Adam Isgreen told PC Gamer. "It comes up all the time."

Microsoft currently has a number of Age Of Empires projects on the go, of course. Support continues on the remastered definitive editions of Age Of Empires and Age Of Empires II, and the third game in the series has already been confirmed to receive the same treatment. Meanwhile, Age Of Empires IV finally has a release date and is looking better than ever. Even so, we can't help but wonder.

"Stay tuned," Isgreen said. "We have not forgotten about it. I love Age of Mythology. I love mythology in general. We love the franchise. We're not pretending it's not there or anything like that. We know."

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