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AI Turns 'Dark Souls' Character Faces Into Realistic-Looking People


AI Turns 'Dark Souls' Character Faces Into Realistic-Looking People

Dark Souls needs no help with being creepy, right? Though it's not really considered a traditional horror game of sorts, the series likes to present you with some of the most grotesque and horrifying things you'll ever see in the gaming world. But there is one thing that's worse than the Dark Souls bosses and it's the faces of the characters you'll see in-game.


As good as FromSoftware is at making games with mystic and terrible monsters, the faces of some of the characters in their games are a little... strange too. This is why it might be a good thing that there is AI capable of transforming the faces of characters from the unusual realm of FromSoftware's imagination, into what looks like real-life humans.

Here are some of our favourite Dark Souls wins and fails...



YouTuber Illusory Wall (spotted by PC Gamer) decided to try out an AI tool that brings non-real character faces to life on Dark Souls NPCs. The content creator explains that the AI tool is a little limited when it comes to how much a face needs to look like it's human before it works, but it is certainly capable of bringing some familiar faces right into the real world.


Some of these transformations are really impressive. It's honestly like night and day between how strange some of these faces look and then how reasonable they become after the AI does its bit. They're all people you could just meet down the pub in a small English village somewhere rather than the angular misshapen appearances they have in-game.

A personal favourite has to be Siegmeyer of Catarina who you may know as the dude who looks like he's wearing an onion for his suit of armour. He sits there and has a quick conversation with you in quite a polite and well-mannered way and as it turns out, his character model reflects that pretty well.

The entire video is worth a watch, so why not give Illusory Wall a follow if you enjoy it.

Featured Image Credit: Illusory Wall / FromSoftware

Topics: Dark Souls, FromSoftware

Imogen Mellor
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