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'Among Us' Chicken Nugget Selling On eBay For Almost $100,000

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'Among Us' Chicken Nugget Selling On eBay For Almost $100,000

UPDATE, 3/6: The bidding is now about to pass $100,000. IDK what to do with my life, anymore.


I don't know much about rich people, but I do know this: some of them will buy any old crap just to make a song and dance about how rich they really are. And this... this is absolutely one of those situations.

A McDonald's chicken nugget (specifically, apparently, from a BTS combo meal) that's kinda shaped like a crewmate character from the hit multiplayer game Among Us is currently on eBay, and bidding has passed $50,000 (cheers, Comicbook). As I write, 153 bids have been logged on seller Polizna's item, and there are 646 watchers on it. Fifty grand, people. Fifty grand, for some processed bird meat. Even with the seller's promise of including some Szechuan sauce, I can't even.

It's not as terrifying as the idea of someone spending thousands of dollars on a chicken nugget, but this fan-made Among Us animation sure does give us the willies...



I'm looking at this and thinking: surely, surely, this is one of those eBay auctions where the price is being artificially inflated simply for the LOLs and the 'winner' isn't actually going to pay that much for something so absolutely pointless. If you have that much money to throw at something like this, FFS, find a better use for it. But then, rich people, right?

Then again, maybe the makers of Among Us themselves, Innersloth, are so desperate for this piece of barely edible and entirely coincidental 'merch' that they're willing to pay the big bucks. The game's official account tweeted "I want it", so, go off, small studio that's made it big of late, we love you and respect your P&L decision making. It belongs in a museum dot gif, or something to that effect.


BTS are yet to comment on this story but you can bet I've not emailed their PR about it, because that would be a waste of my time. What's less of a waste of my time is thinking about lunch, which I am right now. Not really in the mood for nugs, but, fries? I mean, who isn't ever in the mood for fries. Find me some fries that kind of look like Slenderman, and I'mma buy them for a high price. Alternatively I'll get some at the café over the road. They're more chips, I suppose, than fries, but who am I to quibble over semantics just to punch up a word count?

The Among Us nugget auction ends on Friday this week, June 4, at which point we'll find out how legitimate this whole thing has been. And I'll care even less about it then than I do now, which is really saying something.

Featured Image Credit: Innersloth, eBay

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Mike Diver
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