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Amouranth Responds To Being Called "Hardest Working Woman On Twitch"


Amouranth Responds To Being Called "Hardest Working Woman On Twitch"

Earlier this year, you may remember that something called the "hot tub meta" appeared on livestreaming service Twitch. There were a number of people, especially attractive women, who were streaming in swimwear in shallow paddling pools as a way to attract viewers and this split opinions right down the middle.


Some thought that it was fine - Twitch has rules they were sticking to and it's not graphic by any means. Others thought that it meant these people were untalented or even lazy - they could only build audiences on looks. However, a fact about the biggest hot tub streamer, Amouranth, is proving that latter detail to be untrue.

Dexerto spotted a tweet from the streamer, commenting on a Reddit thread where people were shocked at how many hours she's been live over the past five years. The thread starts out by calling Amouranth the "hardest working woman on Twitch" to which another Redditor backs that up with cold, hard facts.

Here are some of our favourite livestreaming wins and fails...



Booitsjwu responds by saying: "She's almost certainly the hardest working streamer on Twitch overall. Since 18 Nov 2016, the earliest date Twitchtracker has data for, she's streamed 25338 hours of 1055.75 days. She's been live for 60% of the nearly five years listed."

To really spell out how wild those numbers are, CapZeeOnTwitch notes that it's "14.5 hours a day for five years", and even as someone who plays RuneScape for eight hours a day, that seems high.


Amouranth spotted this thread and put a screenshot on her personal account on Twitter, saying: "Burn out? Nope. Burn Brighter." I mean no matter if you like her work or don't it's hard to deny that the hours she puts into her streaming are pretty incredible. The only other person I can think of immediately that might have more is Felix 'xQc' Lengyel.


And if you think that streaming is easy, try it out. I can tell you it's a lot harder than it looks and to be switched on mentally for 14 hours a day for work is tough. But Amourath makes it look easy and she has our respect for that.

Featured Image Credit: Amouranth

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Imogen Mellor
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