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A Real Life Squid Game Just Took Place In Abu Dhabi


A Real Life Squid Game Just Took Place In Abu Dhabi

Although humans like to think we're evolved beings, we like to think we're smart and intelligent, there is one rule I seem to find we follow without fail: monkey see, monkey do. And in the event that a TV show based on childhood games goes viral, it's inevitable that we're going to try and replicate it as best as we can, aren't we? Well, that's what's happened in Abu Dhabi as a real life version of Squid Game has just taken place, though don't worry it doesn't look like anyone died.


Netflix's hit series Squid Game has taken over the world. It's has been watched on about half of all Netflix accounts and is so incredibly popular that it seems people want to try their luck in real life. As reported by ScreenRant, this real life version took place in Abu Dhabi hosted by the Korean Cultural Center.

Here is what Squid Game looks like in Roblox...



Though there may not have been millions at stake, nor the bloodshed of the series, the KCC hosted four of the games seen in the series for some prizes. On October 12th, teams of 15 competed in four events: red light, green light, Dalgona challenge, marbles, and the Ddakji challenge (the card flipping game).

Of course, losing any of these challenges won't get you shot (or at least one would hope so). With less risk on the line, it seems that millions weren't up for grabs. A shame, but no risk no reward, right? Or at least, reduced risk, reduced reward, in this case.

As I said, monkey see, monkey do - which is why you can find all sorts of replications of the events of Squid Game all over games from Fortnite and Roblox already. It's an international sensation.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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