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'Army Of The Dead' Time Loop Theory Completely Changes The Movie


'Army Of The Dead' Time Loop Theory Completely Changes The Movie

If you watched Army Of The Dead on Netflix over the weekend, I'm sure you'd probably agree with the general consensus: it's not gonna win any Oscars, but it does exactly what it needs to do. It's a big, dumb zombie movie soaked in action and gore - and that's great! Not every movie needs to be anything more than a quick hit of entertainment.


Except as it turns out, Army Of The Dead may potentially go deeper than any of us suspected. A wild new theory is doing the rounds that suggests the characters trapped in the zombie-ravaged Los Angeles have done all of this before. We'll be talking spoilers for the movie, obviously, so don't read on if you if you haven't seen it yet. Or do, I'm not your mum.

Refresh your memory with the Army Of The Dead trailer below before we move on!



There are some fairly major hints in Army Of The Dead that suggest the characters have been through the events of the movie more than a few times. The first, and perhaps most alarming, is when Dieter notices a group of corpses in Bly's casino that have eerily similar clothing to the survivors.

Creepier still, it looks like the dead bodies - when they were alive - had also been attempting to break into Takana's vault. At this point, Vanderohe wonders aloud whether it's "another team, or is it us?"

Oh, it gets deeper still, friends. Vanderohe adds, "It could be us in another timeline and we're caught in some infinite loop of fighting and dying and fighting and dying." He then describers Tanaka as "the puppetmaster, the devil, God. We're... simply pawns in some in some perverse play where we're destined to repeat our failures," he whispers. "Finally, in some mind-bending, ironic reveal - it all begins again."


As spotted by SamParkerMetal on Twitter (via GamesRadar), there's actually a lot to support this time loop theory that started with Vanderhoe's eery comments. The first, as you can see below, concerns the corpse with a necklace nearly identical to Maria's, with one minor difference that hints this is the fourth time they're all entering the loop.


There are quite a few more nods to the idea that the characters are going through this same ordeal for the fourth time. There are three identical versions of Guzman's automatic rifle hidden in the vault, for example, suggesting he's already been in here three times before.


But it gets even weirder. if you thought time loops were confusing, why not try on the concept of other timelines and events going down differently, all throughout the course of the movie. At one point Tanaka explains the heist during the first act of the movie, complete with a classic heist montage of the successful plan in action. Some fans believe this wasn't just a montage, but an actual look at a separate timeline where the job was a success!

Basically, it turns out there was a lot more to Army Of The Dead than I first thought, and now my head hurts. I intend to take some paracetamol and then give the film another watch.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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Ewan Moore
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