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As 'Untitled Goose Game' Turns One, Goose-Related Crime Remains At All-Time High

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As 'Untitled Goose Game' Turns One, Goose-Related Crime Remains At All-Time High

One year has passed since House House released Untitled Goose Game for Nintendo Switch and PC, and it's safe to say the world has become an infinitely more dangerous place. The geese of the world, once content to keep to themselves, have become emboldened. Winged ambassadors of chaos, rising up in honour of the sandbox stealth game that showed them all what geese can really do.


Not one month after the game launched, the geese made their move. In Nottingham - my hometown - a single destructive goose took a Radford taxi hostage, smashing through the window without so much as a thought to the collateral damage it caused. It was clear to all that this particular bird had been playing Untitled Goose Game. Much in the same way that everyone who plays GTA V immediately goes outside to steal a car, this foul fowl was convinced by a video game that breaking the law can be fun.


When I reviewed Untitled Goose Game at the time, I loved it. I said it was one of the best games of the year - an irreverent joy that everybody should play. What a fool I was. When future historians look back at the fall of humanity, they will point out not nuclear weapons and dodgy trade deals, but to the indie game that accidentally inspired the goose revolution. I once laughed as I controlled the virtual goose around a sleepy English village. I won't be laughing when the goose militia peck down my front door and break my legs.

Cases of goose-related crime have supposedly remained low since that day in Nottingham, apart from the occasional peck and honk here and there. I'm not convinced. I reckon the geese have just learned to be sneakier. A big part of Untitled Goose Game is all about remaining completely undetected after all. Setting up all the dominos in just the right way, so that when a move is made, it causes maximum carnage.



The geese know this. They know this because they've learned it from the damn game - and they're up to something right now, from the safety of the shadows. They're working behind the scenes on something big, you mark my words.

You think the upcoming Untitled Goose Game co-op update is going to be nothing more than a fun bonus for those of us who enjoyed the game the first time around? Idiots. The geese have clearly taken over control of House House, and this update is being released as a training exercise to teach all geese how to work together. Work together and take control of all life on this planet.

So happy Birthday, Untitled Goose Game. You may have given us some laughs last year, but your contribution to the inevitable goose-pocalypse will never be forgiven.

Featured Image Credit: House House/Radford Road Police

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