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‘Battlefield 2042’ Dev Says Player Toxicity Is Why Studios Don’t Interact With Fans


‘Battlefield 2042’ Dev Says Player Toxicity Is Why Studios Don’t Interact With Fans

A member of the Battlefield 2042 team has pointed the finger at toxic players for the reason why studios are reluctant to open up conversation between themselves and their fans.


The beta for Battlefield 2042 is live right now for all players on all platforms, featuring the classic Conquest mode with a whopping 128 players on new-gen consoles and PC. "In the short stint I spent playing the game, it's lived up to all my expectations, and then some," said Phil of his experiences. "EA and DICE have harnessed cutting-edge technology, taking Battlefield 2042's gameplay to new heights not yet seen before in the franchise."

Check out the beta in action below!



Ben Walke, one of the producers at DICE, recently took to Reddit to talk to players about the ins and outs of the beta and how the team addresses fan feedback. "The beta was taken a few months ago from our main build, and from there you then go into hardening mode. This is where you focus on bugs, stability and no further work should get checked in," he explained.

While players enter the beta, they discover new issues that haven't been found by the developer, and these inform the "launch build" which is improved simultaneously. "We don't want to stop development of our launch build, so you have to 'cap' the branched build (in this case the beta) at a specific time."

Seeing that the beta is sourced from an earlier point in the game's development, it is bound to contain bugs or errors and that's just a part of the process that makes the game what it is at the end. It's understandable to express frustration on the state of the beta, but Walke set the record straight on what is an acceptable way of telling the team what you don't like about the game.


"Day 1 of the beta and we're already in the territory of people losing their jobs. Have you ever asked yourself why you don't have more devs interacting with players across the industry?" said the producer.

"There's a valid way to give feedback, I don't think anyone on the team is against receiving it when it's done in a constructive way," continued Walke. "But the amount of personal attacks I've seen in just a few hours since it went live is disappointing."

Featured Image Credit: EA, DICE, Mark Decile via Unsplash

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