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'Battlefield 2042' Is Remastering Classic Maps As Part Of New Mode


'Battlefield 2042' Is Remastering Classic Maps As Part Of New Mode

Fresh from the file marked, 'We Knew This Was Coming, But Couldn't Tell You Until Now' (there's a lot of that, in this game), is confirmation that Battlefield 2042 will include revised versions of classic multiplayer maps as part of a new mode, being developed at the studio that used to be called DICE LA.


Ripple Effect's general manager, Christian Glass, appeared on a short EA Play-styled stream yesterday (July 8, 2021) to reveal that the forthcoming shooter will include some very familiar environments. While Glass didn't specify the mode in question - we should see that on July 22's EA Play proper, however - he did verify rumours that older maps would return.

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Said Glass, on the stream: "One of the components of this experience that we're creating, is that we're adding some of the fan favorite maps back into Battlefield 2042." That's via TweakTown, who add that Battlefield 2042 will have three main modes upon release on October 22, 2021: the 128-player All-Out Warfare option, the battle royale-like Hazard Zone, and this third way to play that's coming from Ripple Effect.

Hazard Zone is something we'll hear more about in the third quarter of 2021, just prior to the game's release. Of it, DICE's Oskar Gabrielson said: "We can't be afraid of taking risks. [This isn't] your classic battle royale, a contemporary mode, [and the] team has been thinking about this for many years. It leans into superpowers of DICE and Battlefield at the same time. We will reveal more info in the fall."

In related news, Ripple Effect is also working on something all-new, and not connected with Battlefield - and given the Respawn connection, we're already hoping for something Titanfall-shaped. And when EA DICE's Battlefield 2042 releases, its player numbers will be boosted by bots when necessary, to ensure everyone gets into one of its huge matches in a timely manner.

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