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DICE Compares 'Battlefield 2042' Maps To Previous Games, And They're Way, Way Bigger


DICE Compares 'Battlefield 2042' Maps To Previous Games, And They're Way, Way Bigger

With Battlefield 2042 now fully announced, shown off and lovingly adored by the masses, it's safe to say that EA and DICE have a potential winner on their hands, and a game finally capable of going toe-to-toe with the behemothic Call Of Duty franchise once again.


Despite the fact that the title will feature no single player campaign and will not have a Battle Royale mode (no matter how much it totally sounds like a Battle Royale game) it does have one ace still hidden up its sleeve. One, very big ace. Its gargantuan maps.

If you still haven't seen the Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer and gameplay, what have you been doing? Take some time right now to watch the trailer before going any further, so you can also be in on the hype.



During a pre-briefing held by DICE and EA, it was announced that Battlefield 2042 will have seven maps at launch, with more likely to drop in the game's planned battle passes and seasons. We did a deep dive on each of the maps here, but the most exciting thing is that the game will feature the largest maps in the Battlefield franchise. Ever.

In a tweet by Battlefield News, we can see an infographic detailing exactly how big these maps are. As you can see, the game's biggest map, Irreversible, will dwarf the previous biggest map, which was Battlefield 1942's El Alamein.


The replies to the tweet do somewhat vary between people being excited to play on the new maps and people saying they want more close-quarters battles, and expressing concern that the bigger maps will only lead to a more isolated feeling and more sparse action. While it's too early to tell, we do know that the game will support up to 128-players on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will only be able to play with up to 64 players.

What's of note, is the fact that these battle passes and seasons will not hide any content like maps or Specialists (the game's playable characters) behind a paywall, with the paid battle pass tier being cosmetic items only. This way, everybody will have access to the must-have content at the same time as everybody else. Battlefield 2042 will release October 22nd, with more details dropping on July 22nd at EA Play, so we'll keep you posted as we learn more.

Featured Image Credit: EA / DICE

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