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'Breath Of The Wild' In 8K Has Us Yearning For A Switch Pro


'Breath Of The Wild' In 8K Has Us Yearning For A Switch Pro

A unique quality about the Nintendo Switch among modern consoles is that it is designed to be both a portable piece of hardware, and a console to be played on your sofa at home. As such - there were some sacrifices that needed to be made in terms of gaming capabilities. Don't get us wrong, the Switch is one of our favourite consoles and it has some of the best games of all time available, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, sometimes we want a little more power, and that's why this video is making us drool.


This video of Breath of the Wild in 8K, spotted by PC Gamer is stunning - simply stunning. The video is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and allows us to see what a more modern Zelda game would look like with top tier gaming hardware.

It's a modded version of Breath of the Wild though, which Nintendo hates. Although you can mod your Switch to change things out, you risk bricking the machine so this is an emulation of the WiiU version on the CEMU emulator. That way we can see all those really tasty graphics with the help of a PC rather than relying on the Switch's hardware.


If you've played Breath of the Wild on Switch you might actually know how nice it is to see the first scene of the video running smoothly in particular. Korok Forest in-game is where you might see the most dropped frames on a normal Switch, so opening the 8K video in that area with no problems whatsoever is certainly impressive. The water elements look amazing, the scenery is stunning and, well, I know I'm going to be revisiting BOTW longing for a console that can make the game even more gorgeous than it already is.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo / Pascal Gilcher

Topics: News, Breath of the Wild

Imogen Mellor
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