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Brutal Co-Op Survival 'Valheim' Sells Over One Million Copies In A Week


Brutal Co-Op Survival 'Valheim' Sells Over One Million Copies In A Week

We recently reported that Valheim, an online survival game inspired by Viking mythology, hit the big time on Steam. Now, it's sold over a million copies in only one week, which is a staggering shift for the indie game.


There's something about Vikings. The Saxons knew it too, and it irritated the men to no end. The invaders weren't shunned by the ladies... in fact, they had the hots for them. "The Danes made themselves too acceptable to English women by their elegant manners and their care of their person," read a letter published in 1002 CE. "They combed their hair daily... and took a bath every Saturday, and even changed their clothes frequently, and improved the beauty of their bodies with many such trifles, by which means they undermined the chastity of wives." Evidently, the gals faced a difficult dilemma: stick with your husband Harold, who has never brushed his teeth, or run away with Halvar, who has bathed this week and actually listens to you when you talk about your loom.


The reviews are "overwhelmingly positive" - not for the Viking guys, but for Valheim, and players are loving the possibilities of its open world, the depth of the mechanics, the intricacy of its survival elements, and the fact that you're able raid and pillage with your pals in public or private servers.


The premise of Valheim is that you are dead, and your soul has been ferried by the Valkyries to the tenth titular realm. It's a beautiful setting to spend eternity, with rolling fields, spooky forests, and tranquil mountains, but the realm is in disarray. The player's role is to be a guardian of the gods, slaying the forces of chaos and writing their own saga. Though the game is in early access on Steam, the community can't get enough of Valheim, and the numbers prove it.

"Not only have we surpassed our first huge milestone together, but the way you have all rallied your weapons and embraced Valheim has been incredible. In just over two years what our small yet formidable studio has been able to achieve is mind blowing," explained the developer in the announcement post. "Our inboxes are filled to the brims with fantastic feedback and suggestions and we are overjoyed to see how engaged our community is in Valheim's development."

The updates on the horizon are Hearth and Home, Cult of the Wolf, Ships and the Sea, and a brand new biome. Ideally, players will also see new unique locations, combat improvements, and a sandbox mode roll out in between these major content drops, but, the sky's the limit for the team at Iron Gate AB.

Featured Image Credit: Iron Gate AB

Topics: News, Steam, Valheim

Imogen Donovan
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