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'Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War' - All Confirmed Scorestreaks So Far

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'Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War' - All Confirmed Scorestreaks So Far

As I'm sure you're aware at this point, Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be bringing back the classic scorestreak system - albeit with one or two key changes. This system, first introduced by Treyarch back in Black Ops 2, allows players to earn points through kills and various other means that can then be used to unlock powerful gear and weapons.


Treyarch confirmed last month that it would be trying something a little different with scorestreaks in Black Ops Cold War. Crucially, the upcoming game will be the first Treyarch-developed Call Of Duty in which the scorestreaks don't reset upon death. While it's more advantageous for you to build up as many kills as possible before dying, you'll also be able to build towards streaks over the course of a single game - allowing more players to see the more valuable scorestreak rewards.



RC-XD (600 Points)

A classic from Black Ops past, the RC-XD is a remote control car that explodes on impact. Drive into a massive crowd of players and watch the fireworks - just be aware that enemies can shoot it down if they spot it.

Spy Plane (800 Points)


A standard UAV that you can call in to tag enemy locations on your squads' minimaps - only works on enemies who haven't got certain perks equipped for avoiding detection.

Artillery (1900 Points)

For a mere 1900 points, you can select up to three locations on the map and rain down merry death. Beautiful.


Napalm Strike (2400 Points)

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War / Credit: Acivision
Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War / Credit: Acivision

Kind of a grim one, this. Call in an airborne assist to drop lethal chemicals that will damage anybody caught in the blast zone.


Air Patrol (2750 Points)

If you're after a way to cancel out enemy airstrikes, Air Patrol can be called in to take out any sky-high threats coming your way. One to bank and unleash at the right time.

War Machine (3150 Points)

Returning from Black Ops 4, this is heavy grenade launcher comes with 12 rounds that can do some serious damage. Just try not to die while you're holding it, or it's gone.

Attack Helicopter (3750 Points)

Feeling the urge to splurge? bring in this iconic scorestreak and summon an AI chopper to bring down hell on your rivals.

Chopper Gunner (6,000 Points)

If you'd rather get your hands dirty, the Chopper Gunner lets you jump into the helicopter to bring down a more precise brand of chaos. Perfect for if you have a particular target in mind, or just want to indiscriminately fire away.

There we go. It remains to be seen whether or not Treyarch will release more scorestreak rewards once Black Ops Cold War launches in November, but for now these are your lot. Be sure to familiarise yourself with all of them ahead of the open beta next month - you can check the dates for that right here.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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Ewan Moore
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