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'Call Of Duty: Outbreak' Leaks, Confirming Open-World Zombies Mode


'Call Of Duty: Outbreak' Leaks, Confirming Open-World Zombies Mode

Activision has accidentally leaked the upcoming Call of Duty: Outbreak experience by announcing it too soon on its website. For the last couple of weeks, fans of the franchise have spotted leaks and hints pointing towards a new Zombies mode for CoD and now, although we've still got limited details, Outbreak is at least confirmed.


A tweet from TheGamingRevolution on Twitter shows the splash trailer that was on the Call of Duty website but with a mention of Outbreak. "Welcome to Outbreak - A new, large-scale zombies experience" is the subheading. If you look at the site now, the mention of Outbreak is gone but it surely can't be long before the trailer is released.

We've previously reported on the rumours and leaks surrounding the upcoming mode, but most players are certain it'll be a large open-world mode. Leakers aren't quite sure if it's going to be PvZ or PvPvZ yet but of course, the undead is going to be an enemy you encounter along the way.


An accumulation of leaked data was put on Reddit which revealed blueprint rewards, that there's going to be a variety of enemy types, possible map fast travel, and free-roam areas. These are all rumours but don't be surprised if any of these appear in Outbreak when it does arrive.

Activision has given players only one real hint so far, placing the Zombie trails machine in Warzone rumble's hospital. It's just stood there, certainly hinting at new zombies content, but players are still trying to piece together the rest of what could be going on.



Well if the number of leaks, the accidental reveal from Activision, or the in-game hint is anything to go on, it can't be more than a week, or possibly two, before Outbreak is officially introduced. We're anticipating cool things could come out of the mode if it really is a free-roam open-world mode, but for proper insight, we'll just have to wait until Activision tells us what's up.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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Imogen Mellor
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