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Big Call Of Duty Streamer Denies Allegations Of Aim-Assist Cheating


Big Call Of Duty Streamer Denies Allegations Of Aim-Assist Cheating

Cheating is, sadly, a large part of gaming. Multiplayer titles and their fans suffer at the hands of hackers every day, and it's incredibly difficult to combat cheaters with all the throwaway accounts, IP addresses, and anonymous identities. It has put a lot of people in games on edge, ready to accuse good players of cheating at any second - and popular Warzone streamer MuTeX has been in hot water regarding an alleged cheating app spotted by fans.


Ginx reports that Charlie 'MuTeX' Sauoma has been accused of cheating after some viewers spotted an application installed on his PC. Cronus is the self-proclaimed "world's best game controller converter". It allows gamers to use controllers on PC if they're so inclined, and one of the features of Cronus is that you can alter the inputs artificially using the app. It's sometimes used by cheaters in games to add aim assist and faster firing on weapons, which is why the presence of the app aroused suspicion. However, once these allegations were known to the streamer, he explained why the application was on his machine.

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The streamer says: "I just want to address the whole Cronus situation. Some guy clipped my streaming desktop today and it showed that I had the old Cronus program, the Cronus Pro. I don't know if it is up to date or if it is the same program people use today. I used to use a Cronus back in the day when I used to compete in WWII.

"Now if some of you guys are uneducated in the MLG or CDL platform or the competitive Call of Duty platform, way back in the day when we used to compete on LAN in the same venue some professional players would bring their own Cronus because most Cronuses that were given at those venues had a lot of issues. They had delays and stuff like that. A lot of the pros that were competing would buy their own Cronus and they would practise with it at home.


"So yes, I had a Cronus back then and I would use it at the LAN events after practising with it at home. And everyone one of those Cronuses has a tournament mode so when you turn that tournament mode on it has a green light and it basically disables any type of mod that you could possibly put on the Cronus."

MuTex says he just doesn't use the program anymore and stresses that when he streams he proves he's not a cheater by showing his fans his settings, his controller cord, his monitors and more. It seems this suspicion was all for nothing after all, and MuTex is just a phenomenal CoD player.

Featured Image Credit: Activision / MuTex

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Imogen Mellor
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