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Find Out How Good You Really Are At ‘Warzone’ With This 100M Player Graph

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Find Out How Good You Really Are At ‘Warzone’ With This 100M Player Graph

Think you're a hot shot in Warzone? Awash with dubs? Got a victory screenshot that you've printed out and framed above the mantelpiece? Well, this handy dandy graph compares your performance against the millions of others who play the battle royale, and it might shatter an illusion or two. Sorry.


Your skill level in a certain video game is absolutely a matter of pride for plenty of players, myself included. I'm darned good at games like Dishonored, Horizon Zero Dawn and Assassin's Creed. The only thing is that these are single-player titles so I'm essentially outsmarting the artificial intelligence running through the game's code. Not that impressive once I put it that way.

Outsmarting a real human being playing on the same server as you, well, that's a rush. Warzone players are always on the lookout for the swishiest and swankiest eliminations to show off their skill and stunt on the poor sap who got in their way.

Speaking of, check out our latest compilation of enviable trick shots in the battle royale right here!



Presumably to ruin everyone's perception of themselves, Reddit user theguywithacamera compiled data from about 100 million Warzone accounts using two different websites. "In game stats only rank you by total kills, total score and total wins, not by K/D," explained the player. "You could theoretically be a terrible player but be very highly ranked in all 3, it's more based on how much time you spend in game rather than how 'good' you are."


As evidenced by the graph, most Warzone players have a kill-deaths ratio of 0.78 and the average player has a kill-deaths ratio of 0.92. Those at the top of the food chain have a kill-deaths ratio of 2.08 or higher and that counts them in the top 1% of all players.

A very small number of people have a kill-death ratio of 3.57, which is godly. And those who tracked with kill-death ratios of more than 4.00 are most likely to be using a little help to get there. Hackers. In other words. theguywithacamera explained that the calculations are not perfectly precise but that they do shed some light on the standard skill level of the community.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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Imogen Donovan
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