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‘Call Of Duty: Zombies’ Could Be Getting A Kino Der Toten Remake


‘Call Of Duty: Zombies’ Could Be Getting A Kino Der Toten Remake

Kino Der Toten, one of the most iconic maps in Call Of Duty, may be returning to the series in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's Zombies.


Buckle up, buttercups, because this theory provides evidence for a possible shared universe between Zombies, Warzone, and Call Of Duty 2021. Let's rewind to TheGamingRevolution's latest video where they offer up the idea that players will be globetrotting to Berlin shortly. A map of the city was discovered on Grigori Weaver's computer, with a red marker that shows you Berliner Fernsehturm when searched with Google Maps. Cool. A big tower. But, if you look around, you'll see that it's next to the Kino International. In Black Ops Zombies, you're able to see the beginnings of the tower from the Kino Der Toten. See how it's linking together?


Next, the latest update for Black Ops Cold War's Zombies saw Dr Aleksandra Valentina in West Berlin in response to the events of Firebase Z. Add that to the communication from Heinrich Meyer to Weaver that states Valentina will meet someone in Berlin, and the fact that it might be Dr Edward Richtofen stalking Samantha Maxis, then the arrival of Dark Aether into Zombies isn't far away, according to this theory. TheGamingRevolution continues to assert that returning to Berlin isn't a huge stretch for the storyline and for Treyarch - it could take place in East Berlin which was represented in the mission Brick in the Wall in Black Ops Cold War.


The most outlandish suggestion that the YouTuber has is that zombie Hitler might be the boss for the remade Kino Der Toten. They claim that Hitler and the remainder of the Nazis could enter the Dark Aether in the 1940s and return in the 1980s. When the possibilities of this unknowable realm are literally endless, I'd want to see something a little more creative shambling out of the portal, personally.

We know that Warzone will be very important to the future of Call Of Duty, according to Activision itself. We also know that there's that big ol' Vodanoy ship on the shores of Verdansk. The prevailing theory at the moment is that there are Dark Aetherium crystals on board the vessel and that Outbreak will connect Cold War Zombies and Warzone and Call Of Duty 2021 into one coherent universe. Well, "coherent" might be too generous, but it's major news for players. We'll keep you in the loop when we learn more.

Featured Image Credit: Treyarch

Topics: News, Black Ops Cold War, Infinity Ward, Call of Duty, Activision

Imogen Donovan
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